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The Importance of Color Selection in Packaging of Different Products

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Product packaging is not all about preserving and protecting the products and especially perishable food items, but it is also about branding. We know that previously marketing depended on 4 Ps: product, price, promotion and place, but now another P has been added to them and it is packaging. If the custom boxes of a certain product line do not appeal to the eyes of beholders, they will not be able to sell. In this scenario, the color choice of the packaging appears to be a very important factor.

In this blog post, I will explain as to how the color selection impacts the business turnover and establish a long lasting impact of the brand. Usually, businessmen and their target audience focus a lot on the quality of product and they ignore the potential of packaging, but now it is fast becoming a trend to wrap the products in customized boxes. Entrepreneurs from a micro to macro level fully understand the importance of a high class product packaging, and they invest from thousands to millions of dollars on packaging.

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Yet, I feel that a very important aspect of packaging is the color selection; still many small and even big businesses ignore this aspect for their convenience. And this does not surprise me. These businesses often tend to have boring, bland and frustrating work environments; their offices are not colored in red or blue, but in dull and sickening colors. They are totally unaware of how the good color selection escalates the mood of beholder.

Well, I am going to tell you how. Let us make some sense with help of logical, clear as day and undeniable evidence.

Big Brands

So, you are still confused as to whether color selection actually plays a role in selling of an item or not? Alright, let us figure this out for once and all. Let us see the examples of a few huge brands and learn about their color selection.

  • PepsiCo – Pepsi Cola is one of the most famous cola drinks throughout the world. PepsiCo is the number one competitor of Coca Cola and their product packaging practices are very similar. Pepsi uses a mix of red, blue and white colors in its packaging. These colors are elementary colors and also included in natural color system. In short, Pepsi’s packaging is vibrant and lively, not dull and unimpressive.
  • KFC – KFC sells food: more precisely, fried chicken. Their target audience is mostly young people. The color with which this brand is known and recognized in all over the world, is red. Red is the color of passion and love, which reflect youth.
  • Chanel – Paris is known for its perfumes and one of the biggest brands in perfumes is Chanel. Chanel packs its perfumes in very elegant and attractive customized boxes. For example their top seller perfume Chance comes in a variety of pink color: perhaps Amaranth pink. And ladies love pink. This is definitely a smart choice.
  • McDonalds – Yes, another fast food brand. Well, McDonalds’ packaging comes in very traditional packaging colors. They use Kraft paper bags to pack the products or they use a straight tuck in auto-bottom box to pack a burger, but the best thing about their packaging is its vibrant colors. They use mainly red and yellow colors, but their packaging also includes green and blue colors or their variations.
  • Nestle – I say mineral water, you say Nestle. Such is the fame of this Switzerland based company that sells mineral water and dairy products. For its packaging, Nestle chose blue color. Blue is the color of water and the skies and it is associated to peace, calm and depth. No wonder, Nestle has huge brand recognition throughout the world.
  • Trident – Trident Chewing Gum is one of the most famous chewing gum brands all over the world. They pack their chewing gums in different vibrant color packs as per the flavor. Their packs are mostly in green, blue, red and yellow colors.
  • iPhone – So far we have only covered colors such as blue, green, red and yellow, but we cannot rule out the importance of white color. This color is the color of peace and tranquility. The elegance of white goes without saying. It is simple and yet attractive; perhaps this is the reason why Apple packs its MacBook and iPhone in a plain, white pack.

So, this brief account of how big brands pack their products should help you understand the importance of colors in branding and custom Boxes. Try these ideas and write back to me.

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